Cheese Sampler for Two

Apfelheller (Helvetia Creamery)
A hard, Alpine-style (think: Gruyère) cheese made by Helvetia Creamery in Helvetia, Oregon. Washed in a local hard apple cider as it ages. The cheese has a distinctive brightness and nuance of flavor, with notes of Gravenstein apple and cashew.

Fresh Sheep Cheese (Black Sheep Creamery)
Soft and fresh, the taste of spring, rich fat, mouthcoating, lemony acid pop.

Glacier Blue (Cascadia Creamy)
Raw cow, aged 4 months, tender creamy paste, bright blue, big milk.

Bergkäse (Helvetia Creamery)
Raw, alpine style, aged 7months, toothsome, sweet milk, toasted nut, a great nod to their heritage.

Mopsy’s Best (Black Sheep Creamery)
Raw milk, firm, aged, nutty and tropical, parm-like flavor and texture, earthy pineapple.